Wheelchair Buying Guide

Wheelchairs are important pieces of medical equipment that people use everywhere, from hospitals, shopping malls, to grocery stores. Wheelchairs allow people to move form one place to another. Wheelchairs useful for people who cannot walk or should not walk around on their own. Older Senior Citizens, people who are sick, pregnant women,  the injured or weak. and those who are temporarily or permanently paralyzed would find wheelchairs fit their needs. Those who are looking to buy a wheelchair may need  courtesy will chair if they do not have one yet, hospitals are willing to give patients a wheelchair if they are unable to move around on their own. Others may be looking for a wheelchair for a family member or friend.

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This guide will discuss some of the wheelchair options that are available and cover the different types of wheelchairs that will fit your needs, based of features such as comfort, maneuverability and durability. How do you know what type of wheelchair will best fit your lifestyle needs. It will also advice on some places where buyers can find high-quality and affordable wheelchairs.

Types of Wheelchairs

There are many different type of wheelchairs available in different sizes, shapes, and functionality. With so many features available, its difficult categorize them all. But they are classified most often by their power source or by there movement. They can also be categorized by there intended use. For example so wheelchairs are for short-term use will others are for long-term use. Buyers should also consider whether the user will be using the wheelchair indoors, outdoors or both.

There are three main types of wheelchairs

  • Manual or Self Propelled Wheel Chairs : These well chair are usually moved manually by the users, they often have large wheels that a user can grip them to push themselves forward or backwards or navigate in a specific direction.
  • Attendant Propelled or Push Wheelchairs:  These wheelchairs are made to be pushed by someone else. These are quite popular in hospitals, when there are caretakers that need to move patients around.
  • Electric Wheelchairs: These wheel chars are electrical and are powered by a battery, usually for longer term use. Users can move by pressing a button to propel their chair.

By understanding the different usage features buyers will be able to select the right chair for themselves or another user.

Wheelchairs can be used for short-term and long-term use. Some chairs are only needed a short period of time. A person with a broken leg  or recent surgery, may need a wheelchair for a few weeks, depending their recovery. If they only need a wheelchair for a short -term then and it makes sense for the user to rent or borrow a wheelchair, rather than purchasing one. They may not need an electric wheelchair, they may be able to get by with something cheap with less features.

Some buyers may need a wheelchair on a permanent basis. The wheelchair may be required for many years. In this case the buyer should purchase a high quality wheelchair that will last as long as possible.

Some users may need a outdoor wheel chair. In this case he/she may want to invest in a few additional features. The electrical wheelchair or power chairs are preferred options because the user does not have to manually navigate the sidewalks and hills and uneven terrain. The wheelchair will also be moving around in the outside elements, across tough surfaces so it it will need to very durable and tough.

Regular vs. Specialized Wheelchairs

Some users will require specific or special types of wheelchairs and additional supports or customize control. With specializes wheelchairs may required a consultation with a medical professional,such as occupational therapist. The therapist can run test and exercise to determine what type of wheelchair works best for the users lifestyle. Some users may be in need or more physical assistance so they may require additional features to help them continue to be mobile.

Folding wheelchair

Some users of wheelchair actually have the ability to walk and would like to walk sometime under their own support. They may not be able to take long strolls or walk extensive distances, but they want to continue to walk. Folding chairs are great solutions for these individuals. Folding wheelchairs collapse and make them easy to port around, in the truck of a car. People normally confined to a wheelchair will have the opportunity to take advantage of walking while still having the ready assistance of a wheelchair.

When buying a wheelchair there are some important considerations such as comfort, durability and maneuverability. A user will want to be able to get from place to place in the greatest amount of comfort with the least amount of trouble and extraneous effort. If a buyer is acquiring a wheelchair for long term use it’s important that it will be something the user can function in for several months or years.

Comfort is critical, if sitting in one seat all day, its important that its padded and shaped correctly so that the user does not experience pain. If wheelchair is too hard  or causes pressure, it can make the user sore. It’s not good for a wheelchair to be a dreaded device filled with discomfort and pain. A buyer should ensure that the seat, armrest, back  are all sufficiently padded and fit to the contour of the user.

Durability is important if the plans to be mobile and perhaps play sports. Sports wheelchairs are available for active users. Sports chairs often come with titanium frmes and lightweight materials to be easy to move around but also endure heavy contact and usage. If the user plans on playing, basketball, or tennis, then it make sense to look for a wheelchair that can be used in these sports.

Maneuverability is important, some users may prefer to stay indoors, at home within a certain usage area , other my want to do activities a that include shopping, exercise gardening and swimming. The level of maneuverability depends on the lifestyle of the user. When deciding on which wheelchair to buy, the buyer should choose one that affords the user to live a freely and unobstructed as possible, allowing them to gain access to the areas and activities that will allow them to continue as fully-functional a life as possible.

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