What is Travel Medical Insurance?

Travel Medical insurance is for people who leave their home country. It provides medical insurance in cases of medical emergencies and evacuations. Depending on the company selling. Sometimes this insurance is referred to as Worldwide Medical Insurance, International Medical insurance. Or International Travel Insurance

What makes Travel Medical Insurance different from other types of insurance?

These types of plans are for traveling leaving their home country that is concerned with coverage abroad. Many insurance plans do not cover you once you leave the US, and accident illness abroad would not be covered.

The largest difference of Travel Medical Insurance- It focuses on emergency medical/evacuation cases, not trip and cancellation coverage.

With a travel medical insurance plan, the focus is on emergency medical needs, such as bike accident and evacuation cost – getting yours to designated of medical care.

If you are abroad and have an accident or become ill, it would cover the related medical costs for you. Emergency dental treatment is usually included as well as emergency transportation such as an ambulance or airlift) services.

Emergency medical evacuation will get you out from a remote area and transported to a place where you can receive the proper medical care. IN cases where the medical emergency is fat, the repatriation coverage will ensure the body is properly transported home or to a location of your choosing.

Travel medical plans often include some Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) or term life benefits which are paid regardless of whatever coverage you may have back home for a covered injury. This coverage can compliment your life insurance benefits and provide extra coverage for you or your family in the case of a severe accident.

Is Medical Travel Insurance Less Expensive than Trip cancellation insurance?

Travel medical insurance plans are priced based on age, trip length, and coverage amount. This normally adds up to a few dollars per day. Thus coverage is a very economical way to ensure that you have medical coverage when you are abroad.

Trip insurance with cancellation, interruption, delay, baggage coverage is commonly based on the cost of the trip. It normally cost 4-10% of the insured trip cost, so these plans can easily be in hundreds of dollars/

Medical travel insurance has some trip Insurance benefits in some plans.

Some medical plans offer a few trip insurance benefits such as minimum trip interruption coverage, coverage for delayed lost baggage and even trip delays.

This is a good additional benefit, but if you are looking for trip insurance benefits, you should look for a plan specifically for travel.

Examples of Use Cases Travel Medical Coverage

If you are sent on a long business trip and contract a severe case of food poisoning
You hit your face on a door, and you break your tooth.
If you are traveling to a foreign country with your children and they injured themselves in a fall.
You want to have the assurance of having access to quality medical care to help you in an emergency.
Your traveling with a tour group and the bus gets in bus accidents.

What does Medical Travel Insurance Cover?

The following is typically covered in a Travel Medical insurance plan.

Restitution for unexpected medical cost due to emergency medical care,
Reimbursement of unexpected dental cost due to an accident.
Advance payments to medical facilities and help get emergency medical transport when you are injured.
Coordination of and payment for emergency medical evacuation/ movement services. Including medical care to attend to you until your reach the appropriate medical care facility
Emergency travel assistance services to help you find a local the best medical facility to care for your health-related needs and those of your family.
AD&D and travel accident benefits to help take care of you or your family if someone is injured or the incident is fatal while traveling.

What type of Travelers may Buy Medical Travel Insurance

  • US citizens are traveling abroad. A typical insurance and does not extend outside the U.S borders, so if you are traveling abroad, you will want travel medical coverage for accidental illnesses and injuries that occur outside your health insurance coverage zone.
  • Visitors to the US – Family members visiting from abroad and stay a few days or even as long as a year, should have covered for their stay in the United States.
  • Business Travelers are working overseas. If your health insured plan does not extend outside the US and most do not, You will need to have some form of medical and evacuation coverage during the time you are outside of your home country.
  • Expats and long-term travelers.If you are planning to leave in another country or backpacking across the globe, your health insurance (including Medicare) will fail outside of the U.S. Traveling to multiple countries you want to ensure that you have the equivalent coverage no matter where you go.
  • Missionaries, or foreign aid worker – Just because you are traveling to help someone doesn’t mean that you may not need help yourself. It is a good idea, depending on your location and environment you visiting – specifically in a remote area. If a medical emergency occurs, it’s a good idea to have coverage.

What are the different types of Medical Plans?

There are three types of Travel Medical Plans

  1. Single trip travels medical ( this is the most commonly purchased) this coverage works for a single trip for up to six months. It covers the length of the vacation and is paid for up front.
  2. Muti-top travels medical – this coverage is for multiple trips and often purchased in 3, 6 and 12-month segments.
  3. Long -term major medical. This is a conical medical cover for long term traveler and typically paid on a monthly basis. These plans can often be renewed, like other insurance policies.

how Much Does task Medical Insurance Cost?
Because travel medical insurance does not provide trip cancellation and another package – like benefits, the cost of the pain is often quite economical.

A typical single trip travel medical plans can range from $40 -$80 for a relatively short or seas trip, In general, the premium amount for a travel medical plan is based on:L

  • The age of the traveler
  • The length of the trip
  • The medical and evacuation coverage limits.

Although some travel plans will cover a few package -like benefits, the typical travel medical Poland does not cover trip interruption, loss bags, trip cancellation, travel delays, and other benefits typically linked to package plans.
Travel medical plans are intended for the overseas traveler needing medical insurance protection outside their home coverage network.

How do I Travel Medical insurance?
You have two options for buying travel insurance; the best option is always to compare plans from all companies, get quotes and purchase the travel insurance plan online.

Compare plans from all the companies available. Get quotes and buy online.

Quote and Buy Direct – Review the travel insurance companies and plans and pushed directly from the insurer.
All travel insurance companies include a “free-look” period with a refund that lets you evaluate the plan terms and agreement. If you determine you need something a little different, you can make adjustments to your policy or cancel it for a refund (minus the cancellation fees).

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