Walkers and Rollators Guide

When  considering a walking aid there are many choices that you can choice from. It’s important to buy a walker that feels comfortable and meet your needs.  There are multiple options that you can choose from, wheeled walkers, canes, and stander four leg walkers. You want want something that provides that greatest about of ease and assistance.  In deciding if you want a basic or a wheeled walker, or a walker with wills. If you have a walker with wheels then you should be able to control your breaks effectively.

Bariatric Aluminum Folding Walker, Two Button – 10220-1 from: The Medical Supply Depot.com

Since you will be using your walker often, make sure that you are comfortable walking. You’ll need to take into account your weight, height, and lifting capability. Also you may want to consider how well you can hold your balance, when considering a walker with wheels. Many walker are adjustable to fit the walker’s height. So it’s more important that you find the height range that works for you more so than finding the exact height. You may also may need to lift or shift your walker or rollator if you come across un-even surfaces, so you want to find something that is light weight. There are many models that are smaller yet durable.


Walkers should be sturdy, and allow for the person to walk outside in different conditions. You want something that can be easy to transport and carry in a car. Folding walkers make be a good option if you have to travel often. Many models of  rolling walkers and rollators have seats now. These are helpful if you find yourself getting tired unable to stand up long for periods at time. You can also get models with baskets and containers that will hold things for you. This will come in handy if you are doing shopping and need to carry items.

I-class Dual-release Lightweight Folding Walker - 6291JR
I-class Dual-release Lightweight Folding Walker – 6291JR – $45.99 from: The Medical Supply Depot.com

A Rollator/transport combination chair may be helpful, if you  want to walk part of the time and also get pushed (transported) at other times, when you are tired.

There are so many choices that you have when choosing a walking aid for yourself or a loved one. Since there are so many walking aid products to choose from we will highlight a few types to hopefully make it easier as you shop for a walking aid that works best for you.

Basic Walker (without wheels) This is the most common walker that is used, their are different styles that you can get in, heavy duty (bariatric) and junior styles, that are more light weight. These are great for indoor surfaces and since that have no wells they will provide most stability.

Wheeled Walkers. This are basically regular walkers with wheels. This will give you easier mobility and movement on different terrains, including those outdoor. There are two main classification of wheeled walkers, those with two wheels and those with four wheels. The wheels are normally fixed to the walker so they will not swivel to one side from the other. Wheeled walkers are great for people who will be outdoors but still want stability.

Invacare Dual-release Walker With 3″ Fixed Wheels – 6291-3F – $59.99 Invacare 6291-3FInvacare 6291-3FDual-release, lightweight contemporary wheeled walkers feature wide, deep frames with more height adjustments for enhanced leg room. Ergonomic folding mechanisms open and close more easily. And the redesigned anti-rattle silencers make the walker quieter than before. By providing both comfort and stability, Invacare walkers enable people to walk with confidence.

Rollators, are walkers with wheels on all four legs. Rollators will give you the most range, mobility and flexibility in movement. These normally have larger wheels and are equipped with brakes and swivel wheels. Rollators can also have seats and baskets for making them perfect those, who are travelling.

Canes are walkers, that provide the maximum amount of stability for someone needs less help then a traditional walker. Cranes  require less space and a good for those, who need less support. Canes are great walking aids for keeping balance. There are so many to choose from, based on handle type, and folding can types that can be used for travelling and easing storing. The handle is an important feature that the user should make sure is very comfortable to use and offers the most seamless assistance. There are different types of handle such as the gel-grip handle.


Health Life Media Team