Inguinal hernia (abdominal wall) often develop in male newborns, especially in preterm infants (in this case incidence is about 10%). The right side is most often affected, and about 10% of hernias on both sides. Because of the possibility of Inkarzerierung the hernia should be operated on shortly after diagnosis. In premature infants, the operation is not carried out until they reach a weight of 2 kg. In contrast, umbilical hernia rarely inkarzerieren, close spontaneously after a few years and need not be operated normally. Gastric perforation gastric perforation in neonates are often spontaneously occur and usually in the first week of life. Although this is generally a rare occurrence, perforation is more common than full-term infants in premature infants. The etiology is unclear, but the perforation can be caused by a genetic defect in the stomach wall along the greater curvature. The belly suddenly swells up, the infants develop respiratory problems and on the X-ray image is an extended pneumoperitoneum seen. The disturbance has a high mortality rate (25%), which still is higher (60%) in preterm infants. The prognosis is usually good after surgical restoration. Ileumperforation Ileumperforation is another rare disease that most commonly in infants with very low birth weight (<1500 g) and occurs during the first 2 weeks of life. She has been associated with chorioamnionitis, postnatal Glukokortikoidverwendung and indomethacin therapy for closure of patent ductus arteriosus. The etiology of Ileumperforation is unclear, but may be associated with a muscular defect in the Ileumwand or a problem with the nitric oxide synthesis and local ischemia resulting from vasoconstriction in context. The treatment is to stabilize with infusions and antibiotics, followed by surgical repair. Mesenteric artery occlusion wall thrombi or emboli may occlude a mesenteric artery after a high placement of an umbilical catheter. Such an event is very rare but can cause extensive intestinal infarction and require surgery with bowel resection.


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