Various methods are used to obtain Qi and protect the health and restore. Most commonly used

The next> 2000 years incurred traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a medical system that is based on the philosophy that diseases are the result of a disturbed Qi River. To restore the flow of the life force Qi, have the oppositely acting forces Yin and Yang, which manifest themselves in the body as cold or heat, internal or external influences and as deficiency or excess, are brought into balance. Various methods are used to obtain Qi and protect the health and restore. Most commonly used medicinal herbs acupuncture to other practices include diet, massage and meditative exercise called Qi Gong. The TCM commonly used diagnostic categories that are not consistent with the current scientific understanding of biology and disease (eg. As a general deficiency, yin or yang). to obtain high-quality proofs evidence of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is difficult, mainly because the active ingredients of TCM herbs are not cleaned, are often not identified and may be numerous. Thus, the dose determination is difficult or impossible, and the dose may vary from one source of herbs to another. Information on the bioavailability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are not available in general. Also active ingredients may interact in complex and variable manner. The traditional Chinese herbal medicine formulas containing mixtures of herbs to treat various diseases. Traditional preparations can be examined as a whole, or separate the individual herbs. An herb that is used singly is, may not be as effective and has potentially even harmful effects. Nevertheless, the current conventional research is interested in the study of individual herbs to be able to control variables better. Another problem is the large number of herbal mixtures that could be studied. Studies on herbs and herbal blends of TCM for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome showed mixed results, and reviews of these studies conclude that more stringent studies are needed. Preliminary studies for Tripterygium wilfordii (Thunder God Vine) have shown anti-inflammatory properties, and pointed to a clinical efficacy in the treatment of RA, but tests1 have shown that the vorleigenden evidence is not sufficient to prove an efficiency, so further research is needed. Preliminary studies2 show that Astragalus the lives of patients who are treated with chemotherapy due to lung cancer improved, but it does not prolong survival or slow the progression of cancer, as determined by biomarkers. 1Liu Y Tu S, Gao W, et al: Extracts of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: a systemic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med 410 793, 2013. [Epub December 2013 4.] 2McCulloch M, Lake Como, Shu XJ, et al: Astragalus-based Chinese herbs and platinum-based chemotherapy for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: meta- analysis of randomized trials. J Clin Oncol20; 24 (3): 419-30, 2006. Possible Adverse Effects One problem is the standardization and quality control of Chinese herbal. Many of the drugs are not controlled in Asia, they may be contaminated with heavy metals or from contaminated groundwater contaminated with drugs such as antibiotics or corticosteroids. The ingredients are often replaced, in part because the names of the herbs are not translated correctly. A study conducted in 20131 found that 32% of herbal supplements do not contain the key ingredients stated on the label, 20% contained impurities (other physiologically active compounds other than those stated on the label ingredients), and another 21% contained fillers were not listed on the label. However, high-quality products from specific vendors are available that meet the criteria of the FDA. In herbal mixtures adverse effects can also result from interactions between agents. 1Newmaster SG, Grguric M, Shanmughanandhan D, et al: DNA barcoding Detects contamination and substitution in North American herbal products. BMC Med 11; 11-222,-2013.


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