Top 10 tips for new Moms

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Becoming a new mother can be an exciting and nervous experience, It is packed with joy, happiness and many sleepless nights,  It seems that there is no shortage of advise  for mothers to be from books. Friends, TV shows, well meaning onlookers and even pediatricians, With the variety of well meaning individuals, its enough to make a new mom go crazy.

Its common to feel slightly afraid being new to motherhood, but remember there are millions of mothers that have been in the same place you are. We collected a few tips and great pieces of advice that should help along the way. These are a few form our

Veteran mothers that are some of our favorites

Whether you’re new to motherhood or experienced with several kids. We have 10 tips that will help you overcome surprises and keep your sanity J

1.Don’t Compare Your elf to Other Mothers

It’s very common for people to compare themselves to others, and motherhood is  no exception. Do worry about what others mom are doing. It can sometimes seems that other mothers have everything figured out and are doing a lot things for their child. Try not to judge yourself. You will know if you are doing all you can for your child. If you see another mother doing something different for you , don’t feel bad.  Understand that every child is unique and you know what’s best for yours.

2. Trust Your Motherly Instincts.

To become good at anything, it’s best to learn. Motherhood is about learning and gaining experience. But, most importantly trust your motherly instincts.  You have them for a reason. If it feels wrong to let your baby cry, trust your instincts, and pick them if. If you want to rock you baby to sleep then do so.  If you know you should cuddle or hug your child, go ahead. If it feels right to you, then its usually right.

3. Save For Your Child –Stuff Isn’t Everything

When becoming a new mother it can be tempting to buy a lot of new things for your child – that’s great, but your child will outgrow most of it with a few weeks. Using hand me downs and lightly worn clothing can save you a lot of money.  You can begin to put some of that money in to savings for your baby. Remember Babies are not babies forever. Starting a savings account or a college for fund for you baby is a great way to prepare for their successful future.

4.  Stay Calm and Relaxed.

Babies can often sense what mood your in. If your agitated and upset , babies can sense it. A baby can sometimes feel insecurity from sensing yours. Its best to stay calm and relaxed your baby will can be as well.

5. Don’t Forget About Your Partner

Don’t forget about your other half.  You and your partner should support each other through motherhood, as it can be a challenging time.  Split some of the responsibilities so that you have time for yourself.  If your not complete and 100% the you can’t give your child 100%. Make sure to take care of yourself, you both will be better parents for do so!

6. Set up a Bedtime Schedule or Routine.

Babies do well with schedules and routines. Set your child on a nightly bedtime routine as soon as you are able to. This is usually when they are 3 months old. It will make life much easier for you and your little infant.  Routines work well for toddlers and young school-age children as well.  With routines, your baby will know when to it’s time for food, sleep and pay. You want to make sure that the schedule is natural for them and you.

7.  Enjoy Your Time With Your Baby

Enjoy Your Baby while they are small. Never try to rush your babies development.  They are only infants for a little while and you’ll be saying, “I wish they were babies again”. Babies are a wonderful blessing so enjoy every moment you have with them.

8. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Motherhood is not easy. So, don’t expect too much from yourself. It can be a tough road ahead: don’t make it more difficult by beating yourself up trying to be a supermom. Just be the best mom you can be, your baby won’t love you any less because of it.

9. Know Which Battles to Fight

Pick your battles so that you don’t spend the entire time fighting. You will be exhausted and will have wasted your energy. Learn and practice patience, it’s a wonderful virtue. It’s hard find patience when you have a little one. Motherhood is too special to feel with battles that are not worth at the end.

10. Read To Your Child

Read to your child, and never stop reading. Reading is the best thing a parent can do for your child. Children who have parents that read to them early and often have a significant better start for their educational development. Children that are sponges and reading knowledge into their ears will be very beneficial to them for years to come.



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