Healing Your Hand and Wrist Through Stretching

June 16, 2018

There are many benefits to stretching, and it can also serve as a way toStretches for wrists and hands Your hands perform a multitude of tasks every day, from gripping a steering wheel, holding a bowl, to typing on a keyboard. These repetitious motions can produce stiffness and weakness in your wrists and fingers. Performing basic exercises can assist in preventing injury. Exercises may strengthen your wrists as well as…


Sprained Wrist, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatments

December 3, 2016

A wrist sprain is a prevalent injury for many athletes. A sprain can happen quickly, a momentary loss of balance, or a slip in which you trip to break your fall by sticking your head out to catch yourself. However, once your hand hits the ground, the force of the impact bends it back toward your forearm. This can spread the ligaments that connect the wrist and hand bones too…