Spinal Fusion Procedure

Fusione spinale è una procedura chirurgica che è raccomandata per correggere i problemi con le piccole ossa delle vertebre o della colonna vertebrale.
May 29, 2016

Spinal Fusion Procedure Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that is recommended to correct issues with small bones of the vertebrae or spine. It is the process of “welding’ or fusing bones together, with the goal of healing the painful vertebrae so that they can heal into one single solid bone. Spine surgery is normally recommended only once the surgeon has pinpointed the source of the pain. To Identify the…


What is Scoliosis of the Spine

La scoliosi è una curvatura laterale che colpisce un normale rettilineo e una colonna vertebrale. Quando il lato della colonna vertebrale, nella parte superiore della schiena è vista, mostra un round centrale, che si inclina verso il lato
May 11, 2016

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature that affects a normally straight and spine. When the side of the spine, in the upper back is view it shows a middle round, which angles over into the side. There is a degree of swayback in the lower back, which creates the look of n inward curvature. If a normal person were the view from the back, a straight spine would be shown. When a…