The hyperhidrosis is the excessive secretion of sweat can be focal or diffuse and has numerous causes. The Increased sweating in axillae, on the palms and soles is usually a normal response to stress, physical activity and high temperatures. A diffuse Increased sweating is usually idiopathic, but it should make you think of cancer, infections, and endocrine diseases. The diagnosis is obvious, and investigations may be indicated with regard to…

September 3, 2018

Underarm Hyperhidrosis ( Causes ,Symptoms, Treatments)

sudorazione eccessiva o iperidrosi non è una malattia potenzialmente letale, ma può compromettere la qualità della vita. Come fai a sapere quando è il momento di vedere un medico sull'eccessiva sudorazione.
January 28, 2017

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is not a life-threatening disorder, but it can disrupt your quality of life. How do you know when it is time to see a doctor about excessive sweating. How Much Sweating is Too Much; It Depends on You. How can you know if your sweating is considered excessive? It is hard to say how much sweat is “too much” There is really no efficient and convenient…