What to Look for in a Heart Rate Monitor

September 15, 2014

It’s not about how long you workout,  it’s important also look at the level of intensity achieved during your exercise, that will measures the effectiveness of your workout. Your heart rate indicates the level of intensity your body is going under. The goal for you workout is to hit a “sweet spot” heart rate, in which you are not working out to hard or to light.  A heart rate monitor…


Heart Rate Monitor Guide

Esercizio fisico Vigoroso può produrre risultati di fitness migliori rispetto a un esercizio moderato, ma come fai a sapere se a quale livello di esercizio ti stai esibendo? Con un cardiofrequenzimetro, puoi valutare la tua salute e assicurarti di esercitare un livello di efficacia e salubrità che funzioni al meglio per il tuo corpo.
September 27, 2014

Heart Monitor are great for gauging how much effort you are using in your workout. Although you may feel that you are doing vigorous exercise with out a heart rate monitor, you may not be able to monitor yourself safely to know whether your are over exerting yourself or exercising as effective as possible. Working out too much and too hard is not a good idea, You may thing the…