Reasons You May Have Watery Eyes

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June 4, 2018

Watery eyes (epiphora) tear constantly or excessively. Based on the cause, watery eyes may clear up on their own. Self-care measures at home can help treat watery eyes, mainly if caused by inflammation or dry eyes. Causes Watery eyes can be due to various factors and conditions. In infants, continue watery eyes, often with some matter, are commonly the result of obstructed tear ducts. The tear ducts don’t produce tears,…


Refractive Errors in the Eyes

Questa informazione è stata prodotta dal National Eye Institute per aiutare i malati e le loro famiglie a cercare una conoscenza generale degli errori di rifrazione. Uno specialista oculista che ha studiato gli occhi del paziente e ha familiarità con la sua storia medica è la persona migliore per spiegare domande specifiche.
May 20, 2018

This information was produced by the National Eye Institute to assist sufferers and their families seek for general knowledge about refractive errors. An eye care specialist who has studied the patient’s eyes and is familiar with his or her medical history is the best person to explain specific questions. What are refractive errors? Cross-section of the eye Refractive errors happen when the size and shape of the eye prevent light…


Understanding Iritis – Eye Inflammation

Iritis (i-RYE-this) è un gonfiore che colpisce l'anello colorato che circonda la pupilla dell'occhio (iride). L'iride è una sezione della zona centrale dell'occhio (uvea), quindi l'irite è una specie di uveite, identificata anche come uveite anteriore.
May 18, 2018

Iritis (i-RYE-this) is swelling that impacts the colored ring surrounding your eye’s pupil (iris). The iris is a section of the middle zone of the eye (uvea), so iritis is a kind of uveitis, also identified as anterior uveitis. Iritis, the most prevalent type of uveitis, affects the front of your eye. The cause is often not known. It can be the outcome of an underlying systemic condition or genetic…