Why Exercise is Crucial During COVID-19

July 14, 2020

Exercise is a key part of staying both physically and mentally healthy during the best of times. However, while we’re all confined to our houses, it’s even more important. As much of the world continues to battle COVID-19, shelter in place orders are still in effect, and gyms and other recreational facilities remain closed, people’s normal exercise routines have been disrupted. It’s easy to tell yourself to skip exercise today…


Why Exercise is Essential for Your Health

October 31, 2019

Most people know that exercise is a critical component in maintaining a healthy balance in their daily lives. Still, we may not understand why or what physical activity can do for the human body. It’s vital to keep in mind that we have evolved from nomadic predecessors who spent nearly all their days moving around in search of shelter and food, traveling long distances on a daily basis. Our bodies…


What to Look for in a Heart Rate Monitor

September 15, 2014

It’s not about how long you workout,  it’s important also look at the level of intensity achieved during your exercise, that will measures the effectiveness of your workout. Your heart rate indicates the level of intensity your body is going under. The goal for you workout is to hit a “sweet spot” heart rate, in which you are not working out to hard or to light.  A heart rate monitor…


Why Is it Important To Get Daily Exercise

ਕਸਰਤ, ਕਸਰਤ ਲਾਭ, ਕਾਰਡੀਓ, ਭਾਰ ਚੁੱਕਣ, ਤਾਕਤ ਸਿਖਲਾਈ, ਕਸਰਤ,
December 1, 2016

If you do not exercise your muscles will weaken, becoming weak and flabby as well, your lung function will decrease and lose efficiency. Lack of exercise also induces joint stiffness and additional propensity to become injured. Being Inactive is just as much risk as smoking. Exercise Helps Prevent Diseases Our bodies are supposed to move. It is good for our body is to have exercised in many ways our bodies…