Migraines with Aura

Può accadere un paio di volte al mese, Emicrania Sai che sta arrivando un mal di testa perché ti senti strano: ottieni quella sensazione di rotazione, c'è un ronzio nelle orecchie, vedi linee frasTagsliate, o la luce del giorno ti fa trasalire. E una volta colpito, lo sforzo e il dolore possono mettere in pausa le attività della giornata.
September 27, 2017

It may happen a few times a month, Migraines You know a headache is coming because you feel strange: You get that spinning feeling, there’s a ringing in your ears, you see jagged lines, or daylight makes you wince. And once it hits, the strain and pain can put your day’s activities on hold. Migraines with aura consist of about a 25% of all migraines. Even though if you get…


Migraines Without Aura

September 26, 2017

Migraines are one of the most frequent headache types; You will typically feel it because you feel strange. You get dizzy; there is also a ringing in your ears, you zigzag lines or lights that make you cry. Moreover, once the pain hits you, it can cause you lose the day. Migraines without is more than just a headache it canes cause you fr carrying out your daily activities. It…