Anatomy of the Heart: Physiology

September 1, 2016

For the Anatomy of the Heart Guide  Physiology of the Heart Coronary Systole Diastole At any time the chambers of the heart can be on one of two different states. Systole – The Cardiac muscle tissue is contracting to push blood outside the heart chamber. Diastole – During this state, the cardiac muscle cells relax to enable the chamber to fill with blood. There is an uptick in blood pressure…


Heart Arrhythmia: Test & Treatment

In continuation of Part One: What is a Heart Arrhythmia If you have heart arrhythmia symptoms , you can get tested from your doctor. There are several test that can help diagnose whether someone has heart arrhythmia. A doctor will review your symptoms.  your doctor may ask you questions concerning conditions that may trigger a heart arrhythmia.  You doctor may conduct heart monitoring to see if there is a specific…

December 18, 2014