Three chlamydia species can cause human diseases, u. a. sexually transmitted diseases and respiratory infections. Most are sensitive to macrolides (eg. As azithromycin), tetracyclines (z. B. doxycycline) and fluoroquinolones. Chlamydiae are immovable, obligate intracellular bacteria. They contain DNA, RNA and ribosomes and produce their own proteins and nucleic acids. However, they depend on for three of their four nucleoside of the host cell and use the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) of…

September 3, 2018

Sexual Health: What is Chlamydia?

La clamidia è una malattia a trasmissione sessuale comune (STD). Non c'è spesso nessun sintomo. La clamidia è facilmente curabile. Tuttavia, è facile da diffondere con o senza sintomi. Dovresti sempre usare i preservativi per la protezione.
May 9, 2016

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD). There’s often no symptom. Chlamydia is easily treated. However, it is easy to spread with or without symptoms. You should always use condoms for protection. Chlamydia (Leah MIH dee ah) is an infection caused by a bacteria that is passed to another person during sexual contact. The bacteria is called Chlamydia trachomatis. Chlamyida is a genus of pathogenic bacteria that are obligate…