Cardiac Arrest

Respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest are to be distinguished from each other, but leads one inevitably to another when there is no treatment. (See also respiratory failure Respiratory failure and mechanical ventilation, dyspnea and hypoxia in desaturation.) Cardiac arrest is the cessation of cardiac mechanical activity that leads to the cessation of blood flow. Cardiac arrest prevents blood from flowing to vital organs and provide them with oxygen. If left…

September 3, 2018

What Is Atherosclerosis?

L'aterosclerosi è quando le arterie si induriscono e si restringono. Questo è così dannoso perché blocca lentamente le arterie, mettendo a rischio il flusso sanguigno.
January 18, 2016

Atherosclerosis is when the arteries harden and become narrower. This is so detrimental because it slowly blocks arteries, putting blood flow at risk. Atherosclerosis is usually the cause of heart attacks, strokes and other peripheral vascular diseases, what are called cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of people in the United Staes, more than 800,000 deaths in 2005. What causes Atherosclerosis? Arteries are blood vessels that transport…


Heart Attack & Cardiac Arrest – What Causes It?

Heart Attack – What Causes It? There are two main causes of clogged coronary arteries: Coronary Artery Disease: also referred to as atherosclerosis, is a gradual process in which fatty layers (plaque) build up on the inside of the arterial walls. As the plaque continues to build up and the artery narrows, there is less room for adequate blood flow. Coronary Thrombosis: is a blood clot that lodges inside a…

August 15, 2014