What is Infant Jaundice?

August 29, 2016

Infant jaundice is a yellow discoloration that happens in the baby’s eyes and skin. Infant jaundice occurs due to the babies blood containing high levels of bilirubin, a pigment of the blood that is yellow colored. Infant jaundice is a prevalent condition, especially in babies before the 38 week gestation period (preterm infants) and some children that are breastfed. Infant jaundice commonly occurs when the baby’s liver is not mature…


Anatomy of the Liver

Il fegato pesa circa tre libbre.  Il secondo organo più grande del corpo è il fegato. Solo la pelle è un organo più grande e più pesante.
July 19, 2016

The Liver weights approximately three pounds. The second largest organ in the body is the liver. Only the skin is a larger and heavier organ. The liver has many critical functions such as digestion, immunity, metabolism and storage for essential nutrients in the body. These functions make the liver a very vital organ, which the tissues of the body, would die if they do not receive the nutrients and energy….