Back Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

Douleur dorsale
March 9, 2016

How is Back Pain Diagnosed? Before you can get treated for your back pain, your doctor will have to diagnose you to figure out what is causing your problem. Unless you are completely immobile from a back injury, your doctor will likely test your range of motion and nerve function, this done by locating the areas of discomfort. Doctors can conduct blood and urine test in order make sure that…


What is Causing my Back Pain (lumbago) ?

March 5, 2016

    Back pain can include pain within the lower, middle and upper pain or lower back pain with sciatica. There are multiple reasons for pain, nerve and muscular problems, degenerative, disc disease and arthritis that can result in back pain. Back pain symptoms can be relieved with painkillers and pain medications. Back pain can be caused by several things; it can be strains, accidents and injuries. Ther are two…