I polmoni sono l'organo primario del sistema respiratorio, ciascun polmone ospita strutture sia di conduzione che di funzioni respiratorie. La funzione principale dei polmoni รจ di eseguire lo scambio di ossigeno e anidride carbonica nell'atmosfera attraverso l'atmosfera.
Lung Ailments Lungs

Human Lung Anatomy

The Lungs The lungs are the primary organ of the respiratory system, each lung houses structures of both conducting and respiratory functions. The principal function of the lungs is to perform the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through the atmosphere. The lung area exchange respiratory gases across a tremendously large epithelial […]

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Anatomy Lungs

Anatomy and Physiology of the Lungs

The human lungs are a pair of lungs, spongy organs optimized for gas exchange between our blood and the air. Our bodies require oxygen to survive. The lungs provide the body with essential oxygen while removing carbon dioxide before it can reach hazardous levels. In the inner surface of the lungs could be stretched out […]

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