Understanding Adenoiditis

ਐਡੀਨੋਇਡਜ਼, ਐਡੇਨੋਆਇਲਾਇਟਿਸ, ਟੌਸਿਲਾਈਟਸ, ਟੋਂਸੀਲਸ, ਐਡੀਨੋਇਡਸਕੌਮੀ
April 12, 2016

Unfortunately, everyone gets a sore throat throughout at some point or another. Some time the tonsils in your mouth will become infected. But, the tonsil are not the only susceptible glands in the mouth that can become infected. Adenoids, which are located higher in the mouth – in back of the nose and roof of the mouth, can be at risk of infection.  Inflamed and enlarged adenoids is called adenoiditis,…