include risk factors for self-neglect

Self-neglect means not to take care of themselves. This may include ignoring personal hygiene, not to pay bills, the apartment is not repaired or keep clean, get no food or prepare (leading to malnutrition) not to take any medical care for potentially serious symptoms in claim prescriptions not to follow or not to take medication and skip re ideas. Risk factors for self-neglect include social isolation (eg. As dementia) Severe depression to live The presence of multiple chronic diseases Substance abuse The distinction between self-neglect and simple Entshceidung as disorders that affect the memory, judgment, as others not w├╝schenswert hold, can be difficult. Social workers can best determine this often. Adult Protective Services or the State Unit on Aging (their phone numbers on the Eldercare Locator at 800-677-1116 available) can help by coordinating home safety assessments and support the elderly about to counseling, emergency notification systems, references to additional support services and if necessary, get hospitalizations.


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