Rising Medical Complexity leads to COD’s (Cash Only Doctors)

A small but growing group of doctors Are foregoing health insurance all together. With rising cost of paper and complexities in dealing and complying with insurance companies many doctors are accepting cash only from patients. COD practices are growing steadily but are unlikely to replace Insurance Policy physicians anytime soon. Patients seem to like the simplicity of having a set rate for a doctors visit. $ 50 for a check is not that bad, getting rid of an expensive insurance policy can be nice. Practicing COD physicians say benefits outweigh the cost.

Many COD experience a large drops in the number of patients that come to see them. However the doctors say that they able to spend more time with the individual patients. Under Manage Plan Providers Doctors would have to charge more because of red tape, worry abut receivables and administrative cost. COD claim they are able to focus primarily on the care of the patient. Patients also like the increase time and quality of care they experience when they come see the these doctors.

Many critics say the COD’ s may deter patients from regular checkups, for preventative care if they know that they have to pay upfront cost. The patient would then wait later, when the condition may be much worst thus increasing the overall cost of their care. However, many patients who do go to CODs say the will have for catastrophic health insurance policy for major health issues and pay out of pocket for smaller routine check ups, much like care insurance , in which the patient may have a $2000 deductible.“O’Brien, a freelance marketing specialist, switched from a comprehensive health plan with $300 monthly premiums to a catastrophic plan that costs $75 a month, with a $2,000 deductible. He pays out-of-pocket for routine checkups, and his insurance will kick in if he ever needs expensive care.”

Insurance is still needed to prevent most Americans from going into bankruptcy for health care procedures. COD physicians also state that they do not care to those who can not pay. They will still treat them regardless of the patients ability to pay. There patients mostly always come back to pay there bill. It would sound like COD practices would just attract the wealthy, but that has not been the case. Many of patients range from poor to rich for this increased medical care.

Simple Care A patient sees a doctor for a non-catastrophic reason – yearly check-up, a nagging flu, a twisted wrist, an aching stomach, etc. The doctor bills the patient after the visit. The patient pays in full before leaving. Because doctor charges are anywhere from 25 – 50% inflated due to administrative costs caused by the health insurance industry, you’ll be paying drastically reduced rates for your medical expenses. In conjunction with a regular catastrophic health insurance policy to cover extremely costly procedures, PIFATOS can save the average healthy adult and/or family up to $5000/year!*” CBS Story

Health Life Media Team