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Serum sodium should not be raised faster than 1 mmol / l / h. In the event of the occurrence of seizures or significantly altered sensorium, however substitution rates of up to 2 mEq / L / hour for the first 2-3 hours are suggested. Nevertheless, the increase in the first 24 hours should be ? 8 mEq / l. A faster correction involves the risk of triggering an osmotic Demyelinisierungssyndroms.Schnell onset hyponatremia The acute hyponatremia with known rapid onset (i. E. Within <24 h) is a special case. Such rapid onset may occur with

Acute psychogenic polydipsia The use of the recreational drug ecstasy (MDMA) Postoperative Patients

the hypotonic liquid obtained during the operation marathon runner Rapid-onset hyponatremia is problematic

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