Top 10 tips for new Moms

Becoming a new mother can be an exciting and nervous experience, It is packed with joy, happiness and many sleepless nights,  It seems that there is no shortage of advise  for mothers to be from books. Friends, TV shows, well meaning onlookers and even pediatricians, With the variety of well meaning individuals, its enough to make a new mom go crazy. Its common to feel slightly afraid being new to…

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Choosing A Great School For Your Child: Helping To Simplify The Process

We all know it can sometimes seem like a daunting task to choose you’re the right school for your child.  Whether they are attending school for the first time or transitioning to high school,  you probably have  a lot of questions. Like any concerned parent, you want to know what are your options and how much choice do you really have. Where should you start? In recent years, the choices…


The Power of Education

Education has the ability to empower people and create  where none existed.  Learning is probably is probably one of the most unique attributes of the human race.  We can learn complex subjects apply that knowledge in different fields. We also have the incredible ability to use known knowledge to create new knowledge  Through the process of research we can develop new understanding of how the world works.  Through research we began to understand concepts and…