Discomfort in the upper GI area umfassn chest pain Chronic and recurrent abdominal pain dyspepsia lump in my throat Halitosis hiccup nausea and vomiting rumination Some complaints in the upper GIT are functional disorders (i. E., Even under intensive investigation no physiological cause is found). Discomfort in the lower GI area include constipation diarrhea gas and bloating abdominal pain rectal pain or bleeding As with discomfort in the upper GIT can cause discomfort in the lower GIT on the floor of organic diseases or represent functional disorders (also after intensive diagnostic no radiological, biochemical or pathological abnormalities found). The causes of functional symptoms are obscure. Previous findings indicate that patients with functional symptoms have a disorder of motility or sensation of pain, or both, i. h., they have such. As in the elongation of intestinal loops and peristalsis certain unpleasant sensations under which other people do not suffer. No bodily function is variable and so much on external factors dependent as defecation. The bowel habits are very different from person to person and are influenced by physiology and diet, as well as by social and cultural factors. Some people make unjustified worries about her chair behavior. In the Western world, the frequency of normal bowel behavior between two ranges to three times daily up to two to three times a week. Changes in the frequency of bowel movements, the consistency, the volume and the composition (eg. As the admixture of blood, mucus, pus, or the presence of fatty stools) may be evidence of disease.

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