Lung tumors may be primary metastases from other parts of the body Primary lung tumors can be viciously (see table: Classification of primary malignant lung tumors) Benign (see table: Classification of benign lung tumors) The most common lung cancer is non-small cell lung cancer. Classification of primary malignant lung tumors Type Example carcinoma small cell lung carcinoma Haferzellig Mitteltellig Combined nSClC adenocarcinoma Azinös Bronchioloalveolär papillary hard Adenosquamös Large Cell Klarzellig giant cell stem cell Other Carcinoma of Bronchaldrüse Adenoidzystisch mucoepidermoid carcinoid – Lymphoma Primary pulmonary Hodgkin Primary pulmonary non-Hodgkin classification of benign lung tumors type Example Laryngotracheobronchial adenoma hamartoma myoblastoma papilloma Parenchymal fibroma hamartoma leiomyoma lipoma neurofibroma schwannoma Sclerosing hemangioma


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