Foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract may be

Many different foreign bodies can intentionally or accidentally enter the GIT. Most foreign bodies pass spontaneously through the gastrointestinal tract from some but impacted and cause symptoms and sometimes complications. The role of imaging in the treatment of intake of foreign bodies is not standardized. Almost all impacted objects can be removed endoscopically, a surgical procedure is rarely necessary. The time of endoscopy varies depending on the kind of foreign matter that has been ingested. Foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract may be Esophageal gastrointestinal Rectal The most common cases of foreign body ingestion occur in children. Intentional and recurrent intake of foreign bodies is described more common among prison inmates and psychiatric patients. Denture wearers, the elderly and people in noise are predestined unintentionally incomplete chewed food components (v. A. Meat) to swallow, they can be caught in the esophagus. Smugglers who swallow drug-filled balloons, ampoules or packets to avoid detection (s. Body Packing and Body stuffing) may develop a bowel obstruction. The packages can also rupture and lead to an overdose of the drug. One of the common complications from ingesting foreign objects include ulceration wounds perforation GI obstruction fistula bacteremia foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract DU CANE MEDICAL IMAGING LTD / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY var model = {thumbnailUrl: ‘/ – / media / manual / professional / images / c0070643- foreign-body-in-gi-tract-science-photo-library-high_de.jpg lang = en & thn = 0 & mw = 350 ‘, imageUrl:’? / – / media / manual / professional / images / c0070643-foreign-body-in ? gi-tract-science-photo-library-high_de.jpg lang = en & thn = 0 ‘, title:’ foreign body in Gastrointestinaltrak t ‘, description:’ u003Ca id = “v37892457 ” class = “”anchor “” u003e u003c / a u003e u003cdiv class = “”para “” u003e u003cp u003eDieses radiograph shows a coin

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