Meningitis is sometimes by non-infectious conditions caused (eg. As non-infectious diseases, drugs, vaccines). Many cases of non-pathogen-related meningitis are subacute or chronic. Causes of non-infectious meningitis type examples disorders metastatic tumor sarcoidosis Behcet’s syndrome SLE Sjögren’s syndrome Rheumatoid arthritis rupture of an intracranial Zystizerken- or epidermoid drug with anti-inflammatory or immunomodulatory effects azathioprine cyclosporine cytosine IVIG muromonab-CD3 (OKT3) NSAIDs (most commonly ibuprofen) Other medicines certain antibiotics (eg. As ciprofloxacin, isoniazid, penicillin, trimethoprim / sulfamethoxazole) carbamazepine Phenazopyridine ranitidine substances that are injected into the subarachnoid space anesthetics antibiotics chemotherapeutics radioactive dyes vaccines Pertussis Rabies (Rabies) smallpox A non-infectious meningitis causes symptoms similar to those of other meningitis species ( z. These include headache, fever, stiff neck). Severity and acuity can vary, but the non-pathogen-induced meningitis tends to be less severe than the acute bacterial meningitis. The diagnosis of a non-infectious meningitis based on the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, which was collected by lumbar puncture (after neuroradiological imaging in V. a. Increased intracranial pressure or intracranial mass). CSF findings can usually normal glucose Causal diseases are treated or be Lymphocytic neutrophilic pleocytosis Increased protein and causing drugs are discontinued. Otherwise, treatment is supportive. If patients appear seriously ill, treatment with appropriate antibiotics and corticosteroids is ready to start (without waiting for the test results) and to the exclusion of bacterial meningitis (d. E. The liquor is demonstrably sterile) continue.

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