Medical Memory Foam Pillows Buying Guide

Memory Foam Contour Pillow – VM1424 – $47.49 Val Med VM1424Val Med VM1424This courtour pillow has a plush memory foam top layer that conforms to you body shape and weight with an added layer of uretahane foam for support and comfort. Dual layers of foam provide comfort as well as degree of firmness to give a restful sleep with less tossing and turning.

Memory Foam Contour Pillow – VM1424
When it comes to medical beds, mattresses and pillows, it’s important to make sure that you or your loved is are comfortable. very comfortable, especially if these are going to be long term use.  Memory foam is pillows are probably the known for it’s luxury attributes than wellness.  But, a good memory foam pillow with velocity and density will be able to better support your neck and head, enhancing the  your comfort when you sleep. This becomes extremely important if you are in recuperation and need to keep you body at a certain angle. The best thing you can do beside investing in a comfortable mattress would be to get a pillow that will provide the  support you will need for your neck and head.

So why should you by a memory foam pillow?

There are many reasons you should buy memory foams, but reasons can vary based on the individual. Memory foams are great a changing its shape based on a person’s body heat. The pillow will soften and take the shape of a person head and neck to to give them the most comfort. If someone suffering from neck pains or aches, this is a very good feature, as the neck can be held in one position throughout the night.

Memory Foam Pillow - MP
Memory Foam Pillow – MP – $35.49 Invacare MPInvacare MPAnatomically correct shape provides support and relieves upper back stiffness, soreness and tension. High-density memory foam uses body heat to mold to user’s shape and eliminates pressure. Antibacterial, antifungal and dust mite resistant. Machine washable, replaceable cover. Ivory.

Medical cushions and bed accessories provide vital support that can help your neck and back and reduce pain or further aggravation. The physical context of the medical foam pillow should help your head, neck, back and shoulders, by keeping things in alignment. By alleviating tension and stress on your body. A good memory foam will provide counterbalance to specific locations on your body.

There are a few factors that you should consider when you are buying a memory foam pillow.

How will you use your memory foam pillow? Memory foam pills such as the ISO cool pillow can be a little higher priced compared to standard one, so you are paying for higher quality. The memory foam can be great a heating and cooling the body depending on your on your needs. Its important to ensure that the you find a foam pillow for the specific purpose you need medically, If you want for your shoulders and alignment, it makes sense to get something in the shape and contour that will help your needs.

You also want an affordable memory foam pillow.

Pillow prices will differ depending on many factors, such as size and quality, brand  so differ depending on were you shop. So it’s important that you shop around and find competitive pricing so that you find the best deal in the market.


The size of the pillow will depend on your size and the size of your mattress. If you have a queen size bed sheets, you will likely have large pillow cases, so you will have to buy large pillows to fit. If you have  a full size bed you will likely need to have a bed pillow that will fit.  You may feel that a queen size pillow is to long for you bed and may not be as comfortable.Also if you have broad shoulders and back you may want a bigger pillow that can contour your neck. You should purchase your pillow sleeves separately to ensure that that they match your sheets.

Your Sleep Position

How you sleep is an important factor in the comfort of your memory foam pillow. You may want to look at different variations based on your sleep positions. You may sleep on your back,  and want your spinal comfort, and  you may want to have a thin pillow that lifts your head slightly. If you sleep on your side you may want to have something that supports your head and neck better. People who sleep on their belly will want to have something that is very thin.

Pillow Filling Material

Memory foam pillow are best for your contour compared to other pillow fillings like synthetic down pillows or latex, that do not adjust to your body or temperatures.

Memory Foam Traveling Pillow - 5505
Memory Foam Traveling Pillow – 5505 – $33.99 Alex Orthopedic 5505Alex Orthopedic 5505Memory Foam Traveling Pillow 5505

Pillow Firmness.

There is a great difference in the size and shape of memory foam pillows. You should have the support so that you do not have your pillow over or under filled. Its recommended that you have higher foam density,s o that your memory foam pillow is soft and supportive.

You can choice the types of covering you want, and you have a wide variety of choices, from velour, to cotton, you can try out and choose the best one.

Purchasing a Memory foam pillow.

Sound Of Sleep Memory Pillow - 55011It’s important to be cautious when buying a memory foam pillow, as there are more counterfeit goods on the market. You should buy your memory foam pillow from a licensed and reputable dealer. There have been cases when people have thought to purchased a memory foam pillow and actually received pillows filled with latex. Many memory foam pillows and accessories will also come a complementary items so you they can come with memory foam mattresses or foam toppers.

Good Sleep does not just depend on a great mattress, but also a great pillow. If you are need of extra care that can help your body relax during sleep, you should consider a memory foam pillow.