Malformations Of The Penis And Urethra

Congenital malformations of the urethra normally involve anatomical malformations of the penis in boys and in girls it can be associated with or without malformations of the external genitalia. In girls urethra abnormalities without other external genital abnormalities exist. Surgical correction is necessary with impaired function, or is desired for cosmetic reasons. Chorda penis notochord is the ventral and twisted curvature of the penis, which usually is only visible with erection and caused spongiosum by a fibrous tissue along the normal course of the corpus, or by a difference in size of the two corpora. It is often associated with hypospadias. A severe malformation may require surgical correction. Epispadias The urethra opens at the back of the glans, the penis shaft or at penopubischen transition. In girls, the urethra between the clitoris and the labia or in the abdomen flows. The most severe form occurs as bladder exstrophy. The epispadias can partially (15%) or complete (bladder abnormalities: Exstrophy). The symptoms and signs are those of incontinence, reflux and urinary tract infections. The treatment is surgical. In partial epispadias the prognosis is good with treatment for continence. The reconstruction of the bladder outlet is necessary in order to achieve complete control of the urine. In the complete form the surgical correction of the penis can result in permanent incontinence alone. Epispadias (Male) © Springer Science + Business Media var model = {thumbnailUrl: ‘/-/media/manual/professional/images/559-epispadias-male-s153-springer-high_de.jpg?la=de&thn=0&mw=350’ , imageUrl: ‘/-/media/manual/professional/images/559-epispadias-male-s153-springer-high_de.jpg?la=de&thn=0’, title: ‘epispadias (Male)’ description: ‘ u003Ca id = “v37897637 ” class = “”anchor “” u003e u003c / a u003e u003cdiv class = “”para “” u003e u003cp u003eDie urethra opens at the shaft of the penis. u003c / p u003e u003c / div u003e ‘credits’ © Springer Science + Business Media’

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