M And Vitamin D Are Given As Required

to avert hypocalcemia. Calcitonin (Thyreocalcitonin) is a fast acting peptide hormone

that is normally secreted in response to high calcium levels by the C cells of the thyroid gland. Calcitonin appears to lower serum calcium levels by inhibiting osteoclastic activity. A dose of salmon calcitonin in the range of 4-8 I.U./kg s.c. every 12 hours is considered to be a safe therapy. Calcitonin may lower serum calcium levels within a few hours to 2 mg / dl. Its efficacy in the treatment of hypercalcemia malignomassoziierten is due to the short duration of action

the development of tachyphylaxis (often after about 48 hours) limited to the Calcitoningabe and the lack of response of ? 40% of patients. Nevertheless, the combination of salmon calcitonin and prednisone can hold in some patients with malignancy serum calcium levels for several months under control. If the Calcitoninwirkung subsides

should pause for 2 days (while the prednisone continues) and then reattached. Corticosteroids (such. As prednisone 20-40 mg po 1 times daily) may be used as adjuvant treatment in most patients with a vitamin D intoxication

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