Liver Cysts

Other liver cysts:

Isolated cysts are often discovered by chance during an ultrasound examination of the abdomen or a computed tomography (1) .. These cysts are usually asymptomatic and have no clinical significance. The rarely occurring congenital polycystic liver disease is often associated with polycystic disease of the kidneys and other organs. It leads in adulthood to a progressive nodular hepatomegaly (which is sometimes solid construction). Nevertheless, the liver function is very well preserved and a portal hypertension rarely occurs. Other liver cysts: hydatid (Echinokokken-) cysts (echinococcosis) Caroli disease: The rare vokommende autosomal recessive disease characterized by a segmental expansion cystic intrahepatic bile ducts; it is often manifest in adulthood by gallstones, cholangitis and sometimes cholangiocarcinoma. Cystadenoma: This rare disease sometimes causes pain or loss of appetite and is detected using ultrasound; the treatment is carried out by Zystresektion. Cystadenocarcinoma: This rare disease ermutlich secondarily develops into malignant transformation of a cystadenoma and is often multilobular; the treatment takes place by liver resection. Other real cystic tumors: These tumors are rare. Note Marrero YES, Ahn J, Rajender Reddy K; American College of Gastroenterology. ACG clinical guideline: the diagnosis and management of focal liver lesions. Am J Gastroenterol 109 (9): 1328-1347, 2014. doi: 10.1038 / ajg.2014.213.

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