Latatoren Such As Nitroprusside Or Nitroglycerin

which lead to venous vasodilation and reduce peripheral vascular resistance

thus reduce the heart’s work for the damaged myocardium and thus may help increase cardiac output in patients without severe hypotension. The combined administration of dopamine or dobutamine with nitroprusside or nitroglycerin may be occasionally useful. Here, however, the careful ECG monitoring and the monitoring of pulmonary and systemic hemodynamic values ??are necessary. When pronounced forms of hypotension (MAP <70 mmHg) to norepinephrine or dopamine are given. The goal is a systolic pressure of 80-90 mmHg (but not> 110 mmHg). Intra-aortic counterpulsation can be used as a temporary measure in shock due to myocardial infarction. This approach, however, is always to be regarded only as an interim measure

to enable a cardiac catheterization and coronary angiography

before the patient surgical intervention can be supplied. For example, in myocardial infarction

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