Introduction To Anomalies And Complications During Birth

Most of the following complications arise before the onset of labor:

Abnormalities and complications during birth should be identified as early as possible and controlled. Most of the following complications arise before the onset of labor: multiple pregnancy Transmitted pregnancy Premature rupture of abnormal fetal position ( “abnormal fetal presentation”) Some of the following complications arise or become apparent during labor or childbirth: Relative disproportion Preterm labor protracted amniotic fluid embolism shoulder dystocia birth process prolapsed cord uterine rupture (rare) Some complications may require alternatives to spontaneous birth and vaginal delivery. Alternatives include induction of labor Operative vaginal delivery cesarean section The neonatal care team should be informed if alternative delivery methods are used so that they can be prepared to handle all neonatal complications. Some complications (such as increased postpartum or uterine inversion) occur immediately after birth of the child and in solving and development of the placenta in some placental abnormalities such as placenta accreta, can during pregnancy or are discovered only after birth. Neonatal resuscitation and disorders of the birth history, overview of the problems of the perinatal period; Meconium aspiration syndrome-, meconium aspiration syndrome; Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.

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