Injuries Due To Cold At A Glance

A cold exposure can cause decreased body temperature (hypothermia) and focal soft tissue injuries. are some of the tissue damage without irreversible frostbite of the so-called frostnip (translator’s note .: minor injury to the skin tissue, usually the fingers, toes, ears, cheeks and chin by the cold;… numbness and tingling can be felt, but it takes no tissue injury on), the so-called. Schützengrabenfuß and frostbite. Irreversible tissue injuries frostbite. The treatment consists of reheating and selective, taking place usually later surgical treatment of injured tissues. The sensitivity to all refrigerants injury is increased by exhaustion, malnutrition, dehydration, hypoxia, cardiovascular function and weakened by contact with moisture or metal. Prevention Prevention is crucial. Several layers of warm clothing and protection against moisture and wind are important, even if the weather allows apparently feared no cold damage. It should be worn clothes that insulation remains (eg. As wool or polypropylene) even when wet. Gloves and socks should be kept as dry as possible; in very cold weather insulating boots should be worn that do not hinder the blood circulation. A warm hat is also important. An adequate fluid and food intake helps maintain the metabolic heat production. Cold damage can be avoided by paying attention to becoming cold and numb body parts and they reheated immediately.

Health Life Media Team

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