Imaging Tests Of The Liver And Gallbladder

Imaging methods are essential and important for the accurate diagnosis of biliary diseases for the detection of focal liver lesions (z. B. abscess, tumor). they are of limited use in the detection and diagnosis of diffuse hepatocellular disease (eg., hepatitis, cirrhosis). Ultrasound An ultrasound, which is traditionally performed transabdominal and requires the fasting state of the patient, provides information about structures, not features. He is the least expensive, safest and most sensitive method for representing the biliary tree, v. a. the gallbladder. Sonography is the method of choice for imaging of the abdomen (gallstones) © Springer Science + Business Media var model = {thumbnailUrl: ‘/ – / media / manual / professional / images / 536-abdominal-imaging-gallstones-s130-springer-arrows ? lang = en & -high_de.jpg thn = 0 & mw = 350 ‘, imageUrl:’ /-/media/manual/professional/images/536-abdominal-imaging-gallstones-s130-springer-arrows-high_de.jpg?la=de&thn= 0 ‘, title:’ imaging of the abdomen (gallstones) ‘, description:’ u003Ca id = “v37892634 ” class = “”anchor “” u003e u003c / a u003e u003cdiv class = “”para “” u003e u003cp u003eAuf the left abdominal ultrasound shows multiple gallstone e (arrows). On the right side the plain abdominal shows radiopaque gallstones (arrows) u003c / p u003e u003c / div u003e ‘credits’. © Springer Science + Business Media’

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