Hypnotherapy, a kind of mind-body medicine is derived from the psychotherapeutic practice. Patients are placed in an advanced stage of relaxation and focused concentration to help them to change their behavior and improve their health by. They take their environment and the experiments that are done to them rather limited, but not completely unconscious / unconscious true. Some patients learn to hypnotize themselves. Used for Hypnotherapy With Hypnosis pain syndromes and conversion disorders are treated; also for smoking cessation and weight loss, it is used with some success. It can reduce pain and anxiety during medical procedures in adults and children. It can be useful (eg. As warts, psoriasis) even with irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, asthma and some skin disorders. It can also help to lower blood pressure. Hypnotherapy helps in controlling nausea and vomiting (especially as a preventive measure) associated with chemotherapy and is useful in the palliative treatment of cancer. Some evidence suggests that hypnotherapy can bring about a reduction of anxiety and can improve the quality of life in patients with cancer.

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