When gynecomastia is called the hypertrophy of breast tissue in men. This has a pseudogynecomastia in which the breast fat is increased, but no enlargement of the mammary gland tissue is to be differentiated. Gynecomastia Biophoto Associates / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY var model = {thumbnailUrl: ‘/-/media/manual/professional/images/c0270995-gynecomastia-science-photo-library-high_de.jpg?la=de&thn=0&mw=350’ imageUrl: ‘/-/media/manual/professional/images/c0270995-gynecomastia-science-photo-library-high_de.jpg?la=de&thn=0’, title: ‘gynecomastia’ description: ‘ u003Ca id = “v38396976 “class = ” anchor “” u003e u003c / a u003e u003cdiv class = “” para “” u003e u003cp u003eDieses photo shows enlarged breast tissue in a male patient. u003c / p u003e u003c / div u003e ‘credits’ Biophoto Associates / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY’

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