Energetic Therapy

For the energetic therapies include the following:

Energetic therapy aims (also called bio-fields) subtle energy fields that exist in and around the body, manipulate and thus affect health. All energy therapies underlying idea is that the body and its surroundings a universal life force (qi) or subtle energy inherent (philosophy). Historically a vitalistic force was required to explain biological processes that are not yet understood. With the progress of science a vitalistic force was discarded as an unnecessary idea. There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of a universal (vitalistically) vitality. For the energetic therapies include the following: acupuncture magnets Therapeutic touch as 15, Reiki) guided qigong For external Qigong healer or Master tried with his own energy, the energy of the patient to balance Qi Gong is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

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