Elderly-Specific Tests And Reference Laboratories Should Be Obtained Via The Rki Or Its Microbiology Laboratory. Molecular Tests (Eg., Pcr) On Parasite Dna Are Available For Numerous Parasites In Reference Or Research Laboratories

but not in the most general diagnostic laboratories. Following the CDC Laboratory Identification ( “” Parasites of Public Health Concern “” – www.dpd.cdc.gov/dpdx). Therapy Larger medical centers and facilities of the public health service and tropicalized and travel medicine clinics

Institutions and counseling centers offer technical assistance in the treatment of parasitic diseases. Furthermore, there are many infectiological and tropical medicine textbooks, as well as an overview “” The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics “” or the characteristics of rare infectious diseases in the pages of the RKI (www.rki.de). Drugs for rare parasitological infectious Must be sometimes purchased directly from the manufacturer or from an international pharmacy. (. Editor’s note: Drugs Service of the CDC Drug Service for the US only) Prevention Despite significant investment and research efforts are yet no vaccines for the prevention of human parasitic infections are available; However, studies of a new malaria vaccine out

that he reduce the risk of infection easily

can eliminate is not. Therefore, prevention is based on the avoidance of exposure. A transfer of most intestinal parasites can be prevented Proper sanitary conditions / disposal of faeces Adequate cooking of food provision of clean drinking water for the international traveler is the best advice: “Fry it

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