E Measures Are Ineffective In Rivaroxaban And Apixaban. Substitution Treatment With Intravenous Fluids And Blood Transfusions “” Packed “” Red Cells Are Sufficient For Many Bleeding In Patients

receiving DOAC. If they are used

Rivaroxiban 15 mg p.o. started twice a day immediately after diagnosis and administered for 3 weeks

followed by 20 mg p.o. once a day for 9 weeks. Apixaban 10 mg p.o. is started immediately after diagnosis and administered twice daily for 7 days

followed by 5 mg p.o. twice daily for 6 months. Dabigatran 150 mg p.o. Day twice a day only after an initial treatment with LMWH for 5-7 administered. The duration of the treatment varies. Patients with transient risk factors for DVT (z. B. Immobilization

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