Clinical Signs Dermographism Is The Occurrence Of Urticaria After Focal Pressure (For. Example, Stroking Or Scratching The Skin) In The Distribution Of Pressure. Up To 5% Of Healthy People Have This Sign On

which is a form of physical urticaria. Darier’s sign refers to the rapid swelling of a lesion by a friction. It occurs in patients with urticaria pigmentosa or mastocytosis. The Nikolsky phenomenon called an epidermal shearing

that occurs after gentle lateral pressure on seemingly unbetroffene skin in patients with toxic epidermal necrolysis and certain bullous autoimmune diseases. The Auspitz phenomenon refers to the occurrence punctate bleeding after removal of scales from the psoriatic plaques. The Koebner phenomenon describes the development of lesions in areas of injury (eg. As caused by scratching

Rubbing or wounding). This phenomenon is frequently observed in psoriasis

planus can occur and often results in linear lesions also in lichen. “

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