More Wastewater near New York City Tested Positive for Poliovirus

September 11, 2022

As polio spreads further, New York announces a “state of emergency.” According to health experts, “there may be hundreds of more infected individuals for every instance of paralytic polio recorded.” The poliovirus – the crippling and potentially fatal illness poliomyelitis, has been found in increased levels, in New York’s wastewater. After poliovirus was found in wastewater samples from Long Island on Friday, signifying an increasing community spread of the virus…



(Polio, acute anterior poliomyelitis; polio) Poliomyelitis is an acute infection that is caused by a poliovirus (an enterovirus). Manifestations include nonspecific mild disease (abortive poliomyelitis), sometimes aseptic meningitis without paralysis (poliomyelitis nichtparalytische) and rarely flaccid paralysis of various muscle groups (paralytic poliomyelitis). The diagnosis is clinically detected, although a clinical laboratory confirmation is possible. Treatment is supportive. Polio viruses occur with three serotypes. The type 1 leads most commonly to…

September 3, 2018