Five Psychological Stages of Love Relationships

May 25, 2019

It seems nature can sometimes make sure we fall in love with someone who appears to be the most incompatible person in the world. Yes, we are attracted to them initially, but as we get to know them, your partner seems not to be the person you thought at all. So why would nature want us to fall in love with someone so contrary to who we are? If you…


Depressive Disorders

Mark depressive disorders are a sadness that is so strong and persistent that it interferes with the normal functioning, as well as diminished interest or pleasure in activities restricted. The exact causes are unknown, involved are probably genetic factors, changes in neurotransmitter levels, modified neuroendocrine functions and psychosocial factors. The diagnosis is made on the basis of medical history. Treatment usually includes pharmacotherapy and / or psychotherapy and sometimes electroconvulsive…

September 3, 2018