Suffering From Diarrhea

September 22, 2018

Diarrhea is a common and often minor problem. However, its persistence requires further investigation. Where does this transit trouble come from? What are the treatments? Diarrhea is defined by the release of stools that are too soft or even liquid. There are two types, depending on the frequency of the disorders: acute or chronic. In both cases, the causes can be many. Acute diarrhea: Due to food poisoning? WHAT ARE…


Clostridium Difficile-Induced Diarrhea

(Pseudomembranous colitis) By Clostridium difficile strains formed in the gastrointestinal tract toxins cause pseudomembranous colitis, typically after the intake of antibiotics. The symptoms consist of a sometimes bloody diarrhea, which often evolved to sepsis and acute abdomen. The diagnosis is made by the detection of C. difficile toxin in the stool. Treatment is with oral metronidazole or oral vancomycin. C. difficile is the most common cause of antibiotic-associated colitis, which…

September 3, 2018