Cholera is an acute infection of the small intestine by Vibrio cholerae, which produces a toxin that causes severe watery diarrhea, which in turn lead to dehydration, oliguria and circulatory collapse. An infection typically occurs through contaminated water or seafood. The diagnosis is made by the cultural detection of pathogens or serologically. The treatment consists of an intensive fluid and electrolyte replacement plus doxycycline. The causative agent V. cholerae serogroups…

September 3, 2018

What is Cholera?

Il colera è una malattia batterica che si diffonde normalmente attraverso l'acqua contaminata. Il colera causa disidratazione e grave diarrea. Se il colera non viene trattato, può essere fatale in poche ore, anche in persone considerate sane.
October 14, 2016

Cholera is a bacterial disease that normally spreads through contaminated water. Cholera causes dehydration and severe diarrhea. If cholera is not treated, it can be fatal within a short span of a few hours, even in people who were are considered healthy. Modern sewage and water treatment have virtually eliminated cholera in many industrialized countries. The last major outbreak in the United States happened in 1911. However cholera is still…