Understanding Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

September 23, 2016

Pertussis or a whooping cough is a very contagious respiratory tract infection. In many people, it characterized by a severe hacking cough that is replaced by a high-pitched intake of breath that makes the sound similar to a “whoop.” Before there was a vaccine created, whopping cough was deemed a childhood disease. Today whopping cough primarily affects children too young to have started a completed full course of vaccinations and…


How to Eat During Pregnacy

December 26, 2015

Eating healthy during pregnancy is imperative to the development of a baby in the fetus. It is important to make sure that the child gets the right nutrients with a balanced diet. The development of a baby is hard work on a woman’s body, so it is important to supply he body with the best types of food to help grow healthy and develop normally. Eating a healthy and balanced…


Non-Toxic Baby Diaper Wipe (Biodegradable) Guide

December 22, 2015

When it time to consider baby wipes there are many different options on the market. It is important to make the right choice so that you. Many parents start off not intending to use disposable baby wipes at all, often plan on using a washcloth and warm water at changing time. Giving disposables wipes a try, soon experience the convenience that washcloths do not offer. Due to the frequency, sensitives…


Can you Prevent Childhood Type 2 Diabetes?

Not many years ago it was rare to hear of a child with type 2 diabetes. There was once a time when if you had diabetes as a child it was always considered to be  type 1 or juvenile-onset, diabetes. That is not the case anymore. The CDC has stated that more than 186,000 people who are under the age of 20 have diabetes, including type 1 or type 2. Can…

January 2, 2015

Can you Prevent Childhood Type 1 Diabetes?

It’s true, as a parent you try to protect your children from every possible danger. The question comes can you prevent your child from getting diabetes. There are two types of diabetes that a child can Type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes in children is a condition in which the child’s pancreas no longer produces the insulin that the child will need to survive. In this case, the child’s insulin will…

September 3, 2014