What are the symptoms and Duration of the Flu?

September 21, 2018

After the Ile-de-France, the flu spreads throughout metropolitan France in mid-December. Every year, the influenza epidemic causes annoying symptoms in millions of people, but also significant complications in many thousands. Doctissimo presents the signs of this viral disease, as well as its average duration. Summary Influenza-like symptoms vs. true flu symptoms Duration of incubation, contagion, and recovery of influenza Vaccination against influenza Treatment of flu symptômes grippe Influenza is abundantly…


Avian Influenza

(Bird flu) Avian influenza is caused by Influenza A strains that normally infect only birds and wild domesticated fowl (and sometimes pigs). Recently, human infections have been discovered that were caused by these strains. Most cases of avian influenza in humans have been caused by the avian influenza strains A H5N1 and more recently by strain A H7N9, but the strains H7N7, H7N3, H9N2 and H10N8 also led to several…

September 3, 2018