Understanding Dementia Pugilistica ( Boxer’s Dementia)

ਡਿਮੇਂਸ਼ੀਆ ਪੁਗਿਲਾਸਟਿਕਾ, ਪੰਚ ਨਰਾਜ਼ ਸਿੰਡਰੋਮ, ਬਾਕਸਰ ਦੀ ਡਿਮੈਂਸ਼ੀਆ
November 17, 2016

Dementia Puglistica is a form of dementia that represents a serious long-term threat to people involved in heavy contact sports, or who those who have experienced multiple concussions throughout their life. Similar to Alzheimer’s disease, the condition results in rapid mental deterioration, however only after a latency of several years pass. What is Dementia Pugilistica? Dementia Puglistica (DP) also known as “punch-drunk syndrome” or “boxer’s dementia” is a form of…