Understanding Shellfish Allergy

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June 5, 2018

Shellfish is one of the more well-known food allergies. This allergy is typically lifelong. About 60 percent of individuals with shellfish allergy encounter their first allergic response as adults.   There are two collections of shellfish: crustacea (such as crab, shrimp, and lobster) and mollusks (such as mussels, clams, oysters, and scallops). Crustacea cause most shellfish reactions, and these tend to be severe. Finned fish and shellfish are not associated….


Understanding Milk Allergies

June 2, 2018

Allergy to cow’s milk is the most prevalent food allergy in infants and young children. About 2.5 percent of children under three years old is allergic to milk. Nearly all babies who acquire allergies to milk do so in their first year of life. Keep a wallet-sized reference card with you of all the scientific and technical terms wherever you are with a How to Read a Milk Label card….


Understanding Latex Allergies

Le reazioni allergiche al lattice possono essere gravi e in rare occasioni possono essere fatali. Se si soffre di allergia al lattice, è necessario limitare o evitare la possibile esposizione ai prodotti in lattice.
June 2, 2018

Overview Allergic reactions to latex can be severe and on rare occasions be fatal. If you have the latex allergy, you should restrict or avoid possible exposure to latex products. Individuals who are at greater risk for acquiring latex allergy include: Medical workers and others who regularly wear latex gloves People who have had a considerable amount of surgeries (for instance, 10 or more), like children with spina bifida People…


Top 5 Allergens in Soaps that Cause Dermatitis

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December 17, 2017

What exactly is dermatitis? Dermatitis is a typical symptom, not an illness in itself; it can occur as a symptom of a range that is wide of conditions. Dermatitis is any swelling or inflammation of the epidermis (skin) that leads to redness, scaling, itching or tiny blisters which can be fluid-filled. Dermatitis can have several triggers, from fungal infection to fleas, but allergic contact occurs whenever our anatomical bodies take…


Common Seasonal Allergy Triggers

November 25, 2017

You might have regular allergies if you sneeze and cough or your nose and eyes itch and are runny during peak times of the 12 months. Grass, mildew, and pollen are the many common triggers of seasonal allergies. In a lot of areas of the united states of America, springtime allergies begin in February and last until the summertime that is early. Mild cold temperatures conditions could cause plants to…


What is Anaphylaxis

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September 29, 2016

Anaphylaxis is a very severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction. It can happen with seconds or minutes of exposure to something you are allergic to, such as a peanut or the toxin from a bee sting. The flood of chemicals released by your immune system during anaphylaxis can cause you to go into shock, and your blood pressure will suddenly drop, and the airways become narrow. Blocking normal breathing, Signs…


What You Should Do Avoiding Food Allergies

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December 16, 2015

There are nearly 15 million Americans who suffer from food allergies. Avoiding food allergies can be a difficult and cumbersome task. There are many loopholes within food products labeling regulations. Hidden allergies within foods only makes things more complex and difficult for customers to keep track of. Labeling Loopholes. Labeling is critical in determining what ingredients that a product has. Without proper information it is difficult for users to make…